iStar Extension Repository

Last update: December 2016

Goal-oriented modelling is one of the most important research developments in Requirements Engineering field. While object-oriented analysis fits well to the late stages of requirement analysis, the goal-oriented analysis is more natural for the earlier stages where the organizational goals are analyzed to identify and justify software requirements and position them within the organizational system. Some goal-based modelling languages have been proposed, we can cite iStar. iStar represents the system through Strategic Dependency (SD) and Strategic Rationale (SR) models using concepts such as actor, goal, resource, task and relationship between them. Several extensions are made to suit them to specific application areas, such as Data Warehouse and Security. Autonomic computing systems application area was source for extensions of iStar related to configuration, optimization, healing and protection of autonomic applications. Social Technical Systems (STS) is another application area for iStar extensions, such as the norms extension. Legal aspects were also considered representing regulations in GRL. Some papers were proposed to extend iStar to introduce security concepts.

Due the proposal of a new version of iStar (Available in https://sites.google.com/site/istarlanguage/home) we are interested in understand how iStar extensions has been performed and improve this way. The iStar Extensions Repository is important to help us to identify extensions and constructs proposed previously and easier reuse the extensions and its constructs. The iStar extensions catalogue was populated initially with papers identified by a systematic literature review about iStar extensions. It is maintained with suggestion of papers.

In this catalogue is possible to list the indexed extensions (an optional representation in form of a tree is available) , list its constructs and perform search by author, title and application area. You can identify conflicts in representation and identify the priorization of representation of conflics. It is also possible to suggest papers to be introduced in catalogue.


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